Adventures In Limited Waste Cooking

I am so excited about this pasta. Orecchiette with homemade tomato sauce topped with roasted chickpeas and cauliflower, kale, and a poached egg to be exact.

Let’s backup a few weeks. I’m working on an article on how to reduce your plastic waste, particularly in the kitchen and the bathroom, and let me tell you – it’s so hard. Everything comes in plastic. I didn’t even realize how much of what I buy and consume on a daily basis requires using plastic until I tried to go grocery shopping with limited waste and zero plastic. Armed with my new cloth produce bags from Package Free Shop, I headed to the farmer’s market and figured I’d be able to get all my groceries easy peasy. I was wrong.

Toto, we’re not in Southern California anymore. Gone are the days when the farmer’s market is full of fun exciting produce in the middle of winter. Not to say there wasn’t a farmer’s market and it didn’t have anything good. I got some beautiful leafy greens, but I’ll be looking forward to the spring and summer harvests. If I’m being honest, I didn’t accomplish this meal totally plastic free. I got the pasta out of a box that had a little plastic window, and the parm came wrapped in plastic. I found a co op that sells bulk pasta, so that’ll be my next stop to cut out packaging on pasta. But I don’t have an answer for you yet on the cheese, and what is life without parm? I figure if I can limit my plastic to just cheese, I’m doing a lot better than I have the bulk of my life. Baby steps.

Another benefit of this project is I’m wasting way less food. I’m notoriously bad about forgetting to use up my leftovers, like to a problematic degree. But since I can’t buy anything packaged in plastic, the co op is further than I’d like to go for a spontaneous trip to the store, and there aren’t farmer’s markets every day, I’m finding I have to turn to what’s in my fridge for dinner. And it’s been great for sparking my culinary creativity. The roasted chickpeas and cauliflower that I threw on this dish were actually leftover from dinner a few days ago. Not sure where to turn for protein when all I could see available was pasta, kale, and tomatoes, I threw in the chickpeas and #putaneggonit. These are all of my favorite things in one dish, and for some reason before I started limiting my plastic I never thought to combine them all.

I’ll be working on this project for all of April, happy Earth month everyone! Hopefully as I get used to this low impact life style and things get easier, I’ll have some more answers for you on where to buy cheese, meat, and everything else that isn’t produce. Maybe I’ll even throw you some plastic free recipes 😉

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