I’m Back!

Alright guys, I haven’t blogged in almost six months (YIKES). For those of you who have stuck around, thank you! Rather than give you all the excuses I have prepared, here are some major life updates that hopefully explain my absence. I left my job in LA to chase after a career in the food industry full time, packed up my apartment, drove my car across the country, hung out in Chicago for a bit (Should I have blogged while I was there? Probably. Did I? Nope. What can I say? I’m not perfect), did a little bit of traveling, and moved to New York! And I HAVE still been writing, so if you want to catch up on articles and recipes by me, check out my posts on aSweatLife, where I’ve been writing for the past eight months.

I have a few things coming your way soon – breakfast skillets, maybe a project exploring the uses of pea milk, hopefully some vegetarian recipes, and lots more up my sleeves, so stay tuned and stay hungry! In the meantime, here are some highlights of all the things I’ve been cooking up over the past six months!

After eating at Gjelina back in September, I was inspired to get creative with veggies and went for some deconstructed mediterranean dips. Roasted chickpeas with mint, roasted red peppers with feta, a quick cucumber and tomato salad, and roasted eggplant with tahini dressing and dill. Try this out as appetizers for your next dinner party!
Fettuccine with pumpkin cauliflower alfredo, yes guys this sauce was mostly veggies so dare I say this was possibly healthyish? It needed a little something but I’ve got ideas for this guy – stay tuned and I may throw the recipe your way!
Risotto, because obviously. This one with butternut squash, brussels sprouts, and bacon, it was great because really how could it not be?
Cannellini bean bake from NYT cooking, this was pretty good but go with canned beans if you make it, it wasn’t good enough to justify the hours I spent cooking the beans and the anxiety I had about the beans not being cooked through. Did you know that raw beans can literally poison you? Seriously, I was shocked too.
Thanksgiving, another obvious one. I can’t take credit for this whole plate but I was in charge of sweet potatoes. Of course I went with a Half Baked Harvest recipe and it delivered. It was spicy (maybe too spicy some people’s liking, but perfect for mine), sweet, crunchy, soft, it was everything.
Bear with me, they can’t all be pretty. I make this every year because it’s AMAZING. Leftover Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing scramble. For this one throw the turkey and stuffing in a pan and let it get nice and crispy and scramble a couple eggs on top. Normally I’m a proponent of scrambling your eggs in a separate bowl to make sure the white and yolk are fully combined, but for this recipe I think it’s better if you do it in the pan and let them stay a little separated. Top with cranberries for sweetness and acidity! Oh yeah, I also read Salt Fat Acid Heat and finally learned what acidity actually is and does, so basically I’m ready to be a judge on chopped now right?
I basically cooked my Christmas Eve hors d’oeuvres (and desserts) straight out of the December issue of Bon Appétit and I’m not sorry about it.
Another December fav from BA, these guys were perfect and I BAKED them. If anyone wants to send me a KitchenAid hmu.
Did I mention I baked?
Okay Alison Roman, I get it.
Split pea soup post Christmas because when else do you have a leftover ham bone? And I was in Chicago and it was COLD. Lucky me escaped pre polar vortex though so I won’t complain too much.
Thinking of throwing you guys the recipe for this guy too. I took my dad’s classic spaghetti recipe and just remixed it a bit and it was perfect.

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