Chicken Pot Pie

Today I made some American comfort food, Sunny Anderson’s chicken pot pie and a side of garlic, chive mashed potatoes. When I was in Denmark I made some pretty unfortunate mashed potatoes (see my mashed potato polenta post, I think the title speaks for itself on how weird these potatoes were). Because of that, I was pretty nervous about these but they turned out really tasty, a normal texture, and fully mashed, so I’ll chalk it up as a success! I started by boiling potatoes, and actually remembered to chop them into chunks first so they would fully cook. Once they were boiled I added chives, garlic, butter, milk, salt, and pepper and mashed them.

The pot pie was more complicated than the potatoes. First I made a spice rub of dried sage, dried oregano, paprika, salt, and pepper. My friend rubbed boneless, skinless chicken breasts with the spices and cooked them in olive oil. Once all of the chicken was cooked, she started working on cutting it into chunks. Meanwhile, I used the hot and seasoned oil from the chicken to cook frozen diced onions, peas, and carrots until they were soft and then added garlic and let the flavor cook into the veggies. Next, I added flour until it was absorbed, and my friend poured in chicken broth. I brought the mixture to a simmer and waited for it to thicken, it wasn’t as thick as I wanted so I added a bit more flour. The mixture ended up not being as thick as I would have liked, but it was tasty. I guess I’ll add more flour next time, but I added twice as much as the recipe called for so I’m not sure how much. Anyways, once it was thickened, I added heavy cream and tried to get it to thicken more. We tasted it and decided it needed something and ended up dumping in quite a bit of cayenne, but I like things spicy so I think that gave it what it needed. Once that was done, we poured it into a pre made, unbaked, pie crust and topped it with another pie crust. We cut slots in that so that it could vent and brushed it with an egg wash. We baked it for 20 minutes at 400º F. Side note, it’s so nice being back in a kitchen where the oven temperature uses the same system as most recipes I follow.

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