Eggs Benedict

IMG_4015-1I’ve been thinking about making this for awhile but was so intimidated by it and for good reason, this was hard! It was definitely labor intensive and didn’t turn out exactly the way it should but it was definitely distinctly Eggs Benedict and I didn’t have to actually make any part of it more than once so I’ll count it as a success.

First I used Tyler Florence’s recipe for Hollandaise sauce. I whisked together egg yolks, lemon juice, salt, and cayenne. I simmered water and placed the egg yolk mixture in a bowl on top of the simmering water and whisked melted butter into it until it thickened. I probably let it thicken a bit too much and started to let the eggs cook. They look a lot chunkier in the picture than they actually were. There was a bit too much lemon juice in this but other than that it actually tasted like hollandaise despite looking almost like scrambled eggs.

Next I poached two eggs one at a time which was the part I was the most worried about because I have never done this successfully. I boiled water and added vinegar and then swirled the water to create sort of a tornado and then dropped the egg in for 3 minutes. Neither came out looking particularly beautiful and I lost a bit of the white, but for the most part it stayed together and it was perfectly cooked. While I was doing that I browned Canadian Bacon in a skillet and toasted an English Muffin. Once everything was done I assembled each half and topped them with chopped chives.

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