Homemade Gnocchi in Red Wine Cream Sauce

13128804_10204827834489595_1938780988_oI went to the grocery store to shop for ingredients for this 6 hours ago and have been cooking and cleaning since then; this was very labor intensive. First we handmade the gnocchi from scratch. We baked potatoes for about an hour and then peeled and grated them while they were still hot. Then we added flour and salt to the shredded potatoes and hand mixed it to a dough. Next, we rolled the dough into long rolls shaped like snakes and cut those into 3/4 inch pieces. I’m not sure the following steps were necessary for any reason other than aesthetics, but we rolled them on a spatula to make a hole in the middle and then pressed them with a fork to form indents. Once they were all shaped, we had to freeze them for an hour so they wouldn’t totally fall apart in the water.

While they were chilling, we started working on the sauce. We loosely followed this recipe for the sauce, and it also includes a recipe for homemade gnocchi but not the one we actually used. We started the sauce by heating olive oil until it began to smoke a bit. Next we added pancetta until it browned, followed by onions until they browned. When the onions were cooked we added garlic, let it cook for a minute or so, and then added wine. We let the wine reduce until it was mostly evaporated and then added heavy cream, salt, pepper, and more wine. We let that boil and then simmer until it thickened a bit. Meanwhile, the gnocchi had finished chilling and we boiled it until the pieces started to float to the top. Once it was cooked we added it to the pot with the sauce along with pecorino romano. Finally, 4 hours later, we plated it and topped it with more pecorino romano cheese and a side of homemade garlic bread.

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