Taco Bowls

13129006_10204813167162921_1242741890_oMy floormates and I have made taco bowls a few times this semester, so I finally decided I should post one. These are by no means anything I would truly deem Mexican food, but they’re tasty and easy which is great for finals week. We made plain bulgur, corn, black beans (hard to find in Denmark but my roommate had some which is what ultimately inspired this meal for tonight), fajita vegetables (bell peppers and onions with taco seasoning), chicken with the same taco seasoning, corn, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and guacamole. This tasted great and even though it seems simple, it got me to enjoy some things outside my comfort zone. Bell peppers are not my favorite, but in fajita seasoning I actually like them. Also, I love corn on the cob but there’s just something about stray pieces off the cob that is not quite my favorite, it was good in this though.

The guacamole was the star for me. I love making guacamole and I’ve gotten a bit known for guacamole. People have started requesting it from me and I’ve become the default person to make guacamole whenever we’re craving it. I think I’ll actually get around to writing a formal guacamole recipe at some point, probably when I get back to the states. But I’ll absolutely post it once I’ve figured out all the exact measurements.

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