Mediterranean Soy & Zucchini Noodles

13072942_10204780086695930_1166281165_oThere’s a pasta company here that makes the noodles out of only beans and water. There’s a soybean pasta, chickpea pasta, and black bean pasta. So, thinking I had bought chickpea pasta I thought it would be great as a replacement for regular pasta in a mediterranean pasta dish. It turns out I had bought soy pasta which didn’t go as well with the flavor profile but everyone else seemed to really like this dish. I enjoyed it, I’m just not a huge soy person and found myself wishing it were chickpea. This was a modified half baked harvest recipe with mediterranean flavors and a really unique hummus sauce.

We don’t have a veggie spiralizer so we used a peeler to make a sort of zucchini fettuccine. While the chickpea pasta was boiling, we blistered cherry tomatoes as well as we could in a skillet filled with olive oil. We weren’t able to get the black char because we don’t have a grill, but they still tasted good. We whisked together hummus, basil pesto, fresh basil, 1 cup of leftover pasta water, and crushed red pepper flakes to make the sauce. Once this was ready we tossed in both the soy bean noodles and the zucchini noodles to coat them in sauce, and let them sit while the sauce thickened. Meanwhile, I mashed half of the blistered tomatoes and left the other half whole. I added balsamic, olive oil, oregano, and kalamata olives, salt, and pepper to that to make the other half of the sauce. We individually placed the pasta with the hummus sauce in bowls and then topped that with the tomato balsamic sauce and crumbled feta.

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