Restaurant Sletten

12874584_10204534985928564_527363785_oLast week my sister’s husband came to visit me and we went to the fanciest restaurant I’ve ever been to. It was called Restaurant Sletten, it’s owned by the same people who own Formel B, which has a Michelin star, and U Formel, which does not have a Michelin star but is very well known and highly regarded in Copenhagen. I think for this meal I’m just going to post pictures with a brief description, because I honestly have no idea how any of this would be prepared or how to describe it. However, I definitely ate some things I don’t usually order in restaurants and tried some totally new things that sound kind of gross when you really think about what they are but they’re delicious (I finally tried sweetbreads after being grossed out watching them on chopped, and then in awe when they’re finally prepared and look incredible). I’ll try to get around to posting a more thorough description of each dish and my impressions, but for now I’ve just been dying to get this meal posted!

12887409_10204534985448552_1342327221_oPre appetizer “snacks” a chicken chip (maybe the skin) with assorted toppings and some type of cabbage chip that tasted like seaweed, topped with what I believe was a mussel sauce and bacon.

12421985_10204534986008566_1089834080_oSmoked salmon with marinated celery, cottage cheese, and crispy sesame.

12823077_10204534986448577_200159283_oLemon sole with fennel and creamy mussel sauce.

12874519_10204534986848587_126608211_oSweetbreads with caramelized onions and kale in a somewhat sweet brown sauce.

12873448_10204534987048592_2031735803_oLightly frozen yoghurt mousse with blood orange sorbet and marshmallows.

12325497_10204534987008591_1824185388_oSignature dessert, a “sea buckthorn surprise” consisting of a sorbet of Scandinavian berries, surrounded by vanilla ice cream, with a beautiful meringue shell on the outside.

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