Quinoa Risotto Lasagna Etc.

12476939_10204400697811445_287222421_oGuys honestly at this point I should just quit and copy and paste Half Baked Harvest and make it the entire blog because I feel like all I’m blogging are her recipes anyways and she’s a way better photographer and blogger than I am. But anyways, tonight my friends and I made this delightful recipe which she calls “Italian Quinoa Risotto Lasagna with Truffle Oil” and it’s incredible. The sauce is 100% homemade. It starts out with pancetta, garlic, onion, and red pepper. This goes without saying for people less curious and impulsive than me, but don’t try the seeds from the red pepper plain, they are spicy! Once those have all cooked we pushed the veggies and pancetta to the side and added ground chicken and chopped that up and let it cook. Then we added basil, thyme, parsley, oregano, and crushed red pepper flakes. We added the red pepper flakes in because we had to use plain ground chicken rather than Italian sausage and we wanted more heat and overall flavor. To that we added crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, milk, salt, and pepper and that was ready to simmer for about a half hour to thicken.

Meanwhile, the quinoa was cooking in chicken broth. Once the broth was absorbed we added butter, olive oil, and more chicken broth and stirred it for five minute before the fun part, white wine and parmesan cheese! Once that was adequately mixed in we added pepper and homemade truffle oil (truffle salt mixed with olive oil) and put it in a greased pan. The sauce took a few more minutes but when it was done it all went on top of the delicious quinoa risotto and then was piled with white cheddar (we couldn’t find provolone) and mozzarella and that went in the oven for a half hour. FINALLY it came out, we let it cool for about 10 minutes, added fresh parsley and more of our pseudo truffle oil and it was time for dinner!

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