Creamy Champagne Pasta

12765638_10204388597788952_1379399806_oAm I the only person from Illinois who can never remember which word, champagne/champaign, is the drink and which is the city? Anyways, now confident that I’ve spelled it correctly in the title, I’m ready to write about this dish. Last night my roommate and I made another Half Baked Harvest recipe! This is like a fancy fettucine alfredo with champagne and truffle oil. It starts out with butter, garlic, and sage all cooking together and it is the most delightful smell in the world. Next we added heavy cream and cream cheese and let it thicken. This next part was really exciting, we added champagne, crushed red pepper, nutmeg, pepper, parmesan, and gorgonzola, so many flavors were going on! Then we added water and let it boil and finally added pasta, we used pappardelle instead of fettucine just for fun. We let that cook for just a bit and then transferred everything to a baking dish and put it in the oven. We didn’t totally follow the directions about making sure the pasta was completely submerged in the sauce, so the tops burnt. Even with some burnt pieces it was still delicious. We couldn’t find truffle oil at the grocery store and didn’t want to make a special trip all the way to the glass market, so we mixed truffle salt into olive oil and drizzled that on top. It probably would have been that much better with actual truffle oil but this did the job. We also garnished with parsley and sprinkled more shredded parmesan on top. Despite how good this was, we really need to branch out so our new rule is only one pasta dish per week.

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