Paper Island

I went to Paper Island today, a place where they have different types of Copenhagen street food and lots of super authentically made international cuisine. The people cooking the homemade pasta were speaking Italian so that made me feel pretty confident about getting that dish. A friend and I split the homemade pasta from a place called Il Mattarello and Korean street food from a place called Bulko. We went for the vegetarian pasta option, spaghetti with ricotta, parmesan, black pepper, and olive oil. It was cooked a perfect al dente and the homemade noodles were incredible. Also the ricotta was so light and fluffy it counteracted the heavy nature of the dish. The Korean street food was bulgolgi. It was marinated beef over rice with greens and some other veggies and sesame seeds. There’s no way I’d even be able to begin to try and identify the spices they used but it was so good. For dessert we picked a place called Cheesecaken which sells, drumroll…cheesecake. All they had left was raspberry cheesecake and one slice of strawberry, so we all got them and brought them home to eat while watching Worst Cooks in America. The cream cheese filling was so creamy and delicious and the raspberry was great. But the prizewinner on that dish was definitely the crust. It was a type of graham cracker crust but it had sort of a ginger snap meets graham cracker meets snicker doodle meets cookie butter kind of flavor, if you can imagine that. Paper Island is not the best place for a person as indecisive as me and it nearly broke my heart passing up the Indian food stand, the shawarma, the burgers, the duck fat fries, and everything else that looked incredible. Guess where I’m going next time I want a fantastic meal?

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