Copenhagen Food Walk

This weekend is our Living Learning Community retreat and it started this morning with a walking food tour of Copenhagen. We went on a scavenger hunt to six local eateries in Copenhagen and tried some classic dishes. First we went to the glass market and got flødeboller from a place called Summerbird. I had tried these before but the store bought kind which were basically balls of marshmallow fluff covered in milk chocolate and maybe coconut. These had different types of chocolate, the ones in the pictures have dark chocolate and caramelized white chocolate, and a less painfully sweet marshmallow filling, then there was a layer of marzipan on the bottom and it was delicious. I also learned that if you go to the glass market on a Saturday morning it’s like Costco with all the samples, I got to try a truffle oil risotto and I’m definitely going to try and make that sometime soon.

The next stop was at Grød, the aforementioned porridge place (check out my Gorm’s Pizza post where I referenced it). We decided to go a sweet and savory route and got two different porridges to share. For the savory option we got a risotto porridge with carrots, watercress, ricotta, parmesan, and pepper, the peppery flavor lasted long after eating it but it was one of the best things I’ve had in Copenhagen. I’ll definitely be going back to try it again. For our sweet porridge we got a dulce de leche porridge with homemade caramel, fresh apple, and roasted almonds. Also good but I’m more of a savory person and this didn’t live up to the risotto one.

The third stop was at Meyers Bakery, a classic Danish bakery. I’m pretty sure this is a pretty famous one in Copenhagen and they’re opening a location in Manhattan soon. We got a cinnamon roll type of pastry. It was still warm when we got it and a perfect mix of doughy and fluffy. It was so cinnamony but not too harsh or too sweet. The second pastry was a Danish, the first one I’ve actually had in Denmark! They don’t call them Danishes here but rather “vienerbrød” literally “bread from Vienna”, my Danish professor claims that they don’t actually love them here and don’t want to take credit for that pastry, so they pass them off to Austria. Anyways this one had a lemony custard and it was delicious; I’m not sure why they wouldn’t want credit for it.

Our fourth stop was at Coffee Collective, supposedly the best coffee in Copenhagen. I’m not a huge coffee fan but their latte art was impressive, I got a heart on mine. Next door was our fifth stop at a caramel place, I didn’t actually take pictures there because they were just candies in wrappers, but the flavor I tried (the classic cream caramel) was really good, I just don’t really like candy unless it’s chocolate.

The final stop of the day was at a Shawarma place, I was surprised when I realized how big Shawarma is here, there are blocks of Copenhagen practically lined with Shawarma restaurants. We all went for the pita sandwiches and I got mine with falafel. The falafel was interesting and almost had a green color in the middle but it was delicious. Much better made than some of the really crumbly stuff I’ve had in the US, but my favorite falafel is still at the Israeli place down the street from my house in Illinois. These fries were great, I haven’t noticed many thin cut fries here and I couldn’t be happier about that. I’m all about thick steak fries all the time. I also got a Fanta here with the flavor “exotic” I’m not sure what exactly that entails but I think it had passionfruit, some citrus type flavors, and maybe something up the mango/guava alley? Whatever it was it was good.

After this food walk we were all so full, and we only had two hours before the second portion of the retreat, a four course dinner, that post is coming next.

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