I went on a study tour last week to Western Denmark. My study abroad program takes us on all of these study tours and they include meals and some of them take us to amazing places. This was a restaurant called Spisegalleriet in Vejle, Denmark .We don’t usually get to order ourselves on study tours and I have a feeling they get us the cheapest things on the menu, but regardless I’ve had some great meals. Here we got two grilled chicken breasts, each seasoned a bit differently and both were amazing and perfectly cooked. It came with a side of root vegetables and this red sauce I couldn’t quite identify, but it was good. The highlight of the main course was this potato medley we got to share with the person seated across from us. We both got our own bowl of fries, they were thick and soft and perfect. There were also some potatoes that I think were roasted with some cajun seasoning. The best were the scalloped potatoes in the middle. They were so creamy and delicious and perfect I could have eaten them forever. The dessert was something I never would have thought of but it was incredible. It was the most green pear I’ve ever seen in my life, we asked the waiter and he said they dyed the water green that they used to cook it. It was served with vanilla ice cream and the best chocolate sauce I have ever tasted, I was so full but I couldn’t stop eating this sauce. The little bridge thing over it was just plain sugar so props to them for that presentation!

Heads up my next study tour is coming up in a week and a half and it’s a culinary tour of the South of France, so get ready to read about cooking classes, wine tastings, and hopefully lots of bread and cheese!

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