Nordic Ice Cream

In my culinary Living Learning Community we have mandatory house events, all of which are so cool! This week, an ice cream company came in to teach us how to make our own ice cream and we were only allowed to use traditional Nordic ingredients (which yes, means no chocolate). Breaking me out of that all chocolate all the time mindset was a good call on their part because these were so good! First we had to crush any herbs we wanted to use (by hand) and grind them up with sugar, then we mixed that with egg yolks (which came pre separated in little pods). We whipped that by hand with a whisk until the yolks were light and airy, and it was a work out. Meanwhile, we had another team member whipping cream, also with a whisk. Then we folded the cream into the yolks and added any other flavors. Then the fun part! We poured dry ice into a strainer and shook it over the bowl while stirring the ice cream mixture and finally had ice cream. The flavors we chose were really out there. The first, pictured on the left, was plum, thyme, and charcoal powder. You couldn’t taste the charcoal it just gave it that cool greyish color. This was my favorite of the two flavors because of the thyme! I never would have thought to put that in ice cream but I absolutely loved it. The second, pictured on the right, was an herb called¬†lemon beebrush and rosehip compote, that had kind of an apricot flavor and was also delicious. I didn’t totally understand the chemistry behind this part of the lesson but something about the dry ice and the carbon dioxide made it so the ice cream almost felt carbonated when it hit your tongue which¬†was so cool and made it fun to eat.

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