Gorm’s Pizza

12665887_10204291850530331_1201092087_nToday I finally made my way to the glass market, an incredible market with lots of stands for different food items. There’s an entire cheese store, one dedicated to different types of olive oil, fresh produce including broccoli shaped like a flower, raw fish, seriously anything you can think of. It kind of has a Spanish feel or to anyone from LA think Grand Central Market only better. Anyways, they also have a bunch of restaurants including sushi, a porridge place I still need to try, and this place Gorm’s Pizza. These two pizzas were called the Miss Wishbone and the Denny Special. The Miss Wishbone was topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, potato slices (which were super interesting on pizza), rosemary, parma ham (I think that’s basically prosciutto but from a specific region in Italy; they called this parma ham but I’m pretty sure it was just prosciutto they got from nearby), pesto, and arugula (yay). The Denny Special was topped with mozzarella, potato again, goat cheese (which was so incredibly light and fluffy), rosemary, and truffle oil. They come uncut and have a tin full of pizza cutters that you can use which I thought was cool. Also the crust was so thin and crispy and perfect. Also bonus they sold blood orange San Pellegrino which is my favorite.

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