Danish Brunch

12637277_10204274642340137_313194834_oI finally went out for a Danish brunch and I can see why there’s so much hype around them! We googled best brunch in Copenhagen and picked the first listing, a place called Bankeråt. This was a huge meal and this is only about half of it. My roommate and I got two different brunch plates and split them. The first is in the picture, two eggs, four sausages, an insane amount of bacon, beans, and quite possibly the best tomato I’ve ever had. The second was lots of different meats, cheeses, and fruits. Included with both was a bread basket of the Danish rye bread and a delicious white bread. I was also so excited because this place had so many different teas! We both got one that translated to the flowers of Paris and it was amazing.

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