Smørrebrød Cooking Challenge!

Living in a culinary themed house we have mandatory events and our first one was the other night! We had to make four classic smørrebrøds (please don’t ask me to pronounce that ever), classic Danish open faced sandwiches. We did it in teams and were judged on presentation and height. They all started with a base of this insane Danish rye bread with butter. The first (top left) had roast beef, remoulade, horseradish, fried onion bits, lettuce, and cucumber, and we threw on some herbs and candied onions. The second (bottom left) was one that no one was brave enough to actually eat. On top of the bread and butter was lettuce, liver pâté, salted meat (kind of smelled like corned beef), chunks of this gelatinous, preserved, meat juice, and again candied onions and various herbs. The third (top right) is my favorite because I came up with that lovely design aesthetic and I’m pretty proud of it. It had the bread and butter, then lettuce, hard boiled eggs (shout out to anyone who can actually slice them and make them look pretty because it was hard), shrimp, cucumber, dill, and candied onions. It was supposed to have mayo but we forgot so we garnished the plate with a bit of mayo behind the sandwich. The last (bottom right) is apparently referred to as the “hipster smørrebrød” and it was basically what all the girls at my college eat for breakfast daily. Bread and butter and then sliced avocado, olive oil, salt, pepper, and lemon, essentially fancier avocado toast. That last picture is the table with all four sandwiches from every team, ready for judging. Our team didn’t win and the judges wouldn’t tell us who came in 2nd and 3rd, but I’d like to think we were up there.

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