Spaghetti Al Vino Bianco

This was one of the most complicated dishes I think I’ve ever cooked. My roommate had this recipe that her dad has made so we decided to give it a shot. Our first roadblock was the fact that, in trying to find the cheapest wine possible to cook it in, we accidentally bought alcohol free wine. We had to head straight back to the grocery store for another bottle. Once we had the correct ingredients, we realized we’d be taking over the kitchen for quite some time. We cooked the pancetta in a skillet and then saved the fat and used it to cook garlic with crushed red pepper (which we FINALLY found in Copenhagen! Still looking for good hot sauce though). We added half of the wine to that and let it reduce while the pasta started to boil in water. Once the pasta was flexible but not cooked, we transferred it with inadequate utensils to the skillet with the wine. We gradually added the rest of the bottle of wine and let it cook off. Finally we had to mix in arugula despite the fact that the pan was overflowing, and add heavy cream and freshly grated parmesan. We added the pancetta on top and then had to deal with the fact that we had made a pound of pasta for two people. Luckily, our housemates were more than happy to help us out a bit, and we’ll have fantastic leftovers for the next couple of days!

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