Lemon Butter Caper Chicken


This was by far the most successful and most ambitious dish I’ve cooked in Copenhagen. My roommates and I decided to check out a new grocery store that was supposed to be better than Netto (our local store) and conquer our fear of cooking meat. This was quite the adventure, our oven started pouring out smoke and it took five people just to get the dish out, but despite that it came out delicious and perfectly cooked! We rubbed the meat (I got to be the lucky person to touch it raw) with salt, pepper, and paprika and tossed the potatoes in salt, pepper, and olive oil and stuck it all in a baking dish. Preheated the oven to a random guesstimate because it’s in Celsius and I guess we were all too lazy to google the conversion. The sauce is an amount of melted butter of which I’ll spare the details, with lemon and capers thrown in. Then I threw it all on a bed of arugula mostly to qualify in the presentation category incase Alex Guarneaschelli happens to be reading this, and also because I’m getting a little bit obsessed with arugula. Needless to say we got lots of compliments from our culinary housemates.

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