My Food Blog Has Finally Arrived!

11845023_10204739176549183_3091557463241948581_oI’ve been talking about starting a food blog for at least a few months now, so when I found out I would be staying in a culinary living and learning community for my semester abroad I had to follow through and finally do it. I love to eat and I love to watch the food network but I constantly find myself too lazy or unconfident in my cooking abilities to actually expand my culinary repertoire. This is the first time I don’t have access to my parents’ kitchen or my college dining hall and actually have no option but to cook for myself. It’s a bit overwhelming but what better time to experience that than when I’m living with other people who love food and may have some good tips? I’m going to push myself to not let my diet degenerate into nothing but pasta and eggs for every meal no matter how busy my semester gets, and I plan to document my journey through the kitchen on this blog. And of course I’ll throw in some more skillfully made dishes by the pros as I travel through Europe and take advantage of all the amazing restaurants!

One thought on “My Food Blog Has Finally Arrived!

  1. Yeah; constant pasta and eggs could wear out their welcome…c’mon “some more skillfully made dishes by the pros”!!!!

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